Paterson’s letter was embarrassing

HAVING just read Councillor Davie Paterson’s letter (Hawick News, February 15), there are three emotions uppermost in my mind – embarrassment, disbelief and annoyance .

Firstly, I feel embarrassed at the thought that people outwith the town will be reading his comments and wondering what on earth things have come to in Hawick when the main issue of the day is a trivial row over mileage expenses.

Disbelief at Mr Paterson’s petty justification of “I claim a mile less going and a mile less coming back” when referring to his trips to Newcastleton on constituency business.

And lastly, annoyance that this sorry saga takes priority over the bigger issues that need to be addressed in the town.

Councillor Paterson has a reasonable reputation in Hawick as someone who does good, but he should be asking himself whether this squabbling is really important enough to ruin that reputation while making himself look foolish.


FURTHER to the letter from Watson McAteer (Councillors – is our money well spent?, February 15), I would urge Teries to support his suggestion that each of our six town councillors provides an update on their work in Hawick over the last month at the regular area forums.

Mr McAteer is obviously less than convinced that the electorate is getting value for money from their local members, and is quite right to call for a “transparent approach” when it comes to councillors’ activities.

But surely our local councillors have nothing to fear from this expectation of transparency?

For far too long now, Teries have been kept in the dark over exactly what the majority of our councillors are actually doing to justify their salaries. And this has to stop.

We also need to have confidence in them that they’re representing our views, because at the moment this is very much open to question.