Paterson’s dog fine claim

Despite claiming numerous times that the council “can’t afford” to chase dog fouling fine defaulters, Councillor Davie Paterson said it was “the council’s policy to pursue the recovery of fixed penalty notices” but that in many cases this was not possible.

When questioned last week by Councillor Watson McAteer at a council meeting in St Boswells, Mr Paterson said: “I can confirm it is the council’s policy to pursue the recovery of fixed penalty notices served for dog fouling. There are circumstances in which this will not be appropriate such as where a household is assessed as vulnerable, there are concerns over the ability to pay and where it is not economically viable to carryout further recovery and enforcement activity.”

Mr McAteer added: “While it is good to receive confirmation that the council policy is to pursue those that fail to pay their fixed penalty ticket, the rationale for when this will not happen remains concerning. In particular when the council may not consider it economically viable in which case costs then outweigh the interests of justice, which is a position I am hardly likely to

Speaking at Monday’s community council meeting, Mr Paterson said: “I am happy with the council’s new strategy on dog fouling and it will be revealed shortly, but there is still time for members of the public to come forward with ideas.”