Paterson defends waste concerns

Councillor Davie Paterson has been forced to defend claims this week that the Mansfield recycling centre is failing to cope with increased garden waste.

And he is admitting that people who are unable to visit the site are being told to dump garden grass and clippings in with general waste.

The issue was raised by Community Council secretary Drew O’Mara at Monday night’s meeting in the town hall where he said he was disappointed that Councillor Paterson was not in attendance, adding: “I was down at Mansfield two weeks ago. This facility has not been upgraded to cope with the increase in garden waste and there was nowhere to put the rubbish.

Councillor Ron Smith said: “I have had similar problems on behalf of constituents who are also unhappy.” But speaking to the Hawick News later in the week, Councillor Smith said there is a clear distinction between someone putting a small amount of garden waste into a general waste bin and someone visiting a recycling centre which is unable to cope.

And he said disposing of large amounts of waste along with general waste is something he can’t support in anyway: “If someone is taking the trouble to to visit the recycling centre they need to have the facilities in place to deal with it.”

Councillor Paterson said: “We have plans to extend the opening hours at Mansfield and are also looking at upgrading the facility. Dumping garden waste in general waste is not ideal but if people can’t get to Mansfield it is the only option they have.”

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