Paterson comes clean over monk April Fools joke

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COUNCILLOR Davie Paterson has issued a reassurance that he is not resigning from public life. The controversial Hawick & Hermitage member, pictured, caused uproar last weekend after featuring in an April Fool for the Hawick News, in which he announced that he was quitting as a councillor – and joining the monastery.

But after being contacted by several members of the public concerned by the story, Councillor Paterson has issued an apology for any upset caused.

He said: “I thought it would be funny to inject a bit of humour into what is now becoming a depressing time for the country.”

But highlighting the success of the April Fool story, added: “Judging by the large amount of feedback I’ve had, people don’t want me to stop being a councillor and they can all rest assured that I have no intentions of being a monk.”

Firstly I don’t think that they would want me, and secondly I treat it as an honour to be a councillor for the Hawick & Hermitage ward.”