Park potholes ‘unbelievable’ says McLeod

Damaged footpath in Wilton Lodge Park.
Damaged footpath in Wilton Lodge Park.

Community councillor Greg McLeod has hit out at the proliferation of potholes on the foothpath around Wilton Lodge Park.

Mr McLeod told Monday night’s community council meeting that during a recent walk in the park he had counted around 80 holes.

“I couldn’t believe the amount of holes and the state of disrepair to the footpath,” he said.

The issue was brought to his attention by a mobility scooter user, who asked him to enquire at community council if maintenance of the path was part of the regeneration of Wilton Lodge Park, and if not, at what point did the state of the path become a health and safety issue for people who are using the park.

SBC councillor, Watson McAteer, said the pathway was not part of the regeneration programme. He also said that the issue had been raised constantly, but that Mr McLeod was “absolutely right” to raise it again, and that money will need to be found from somewhere to fix the problem.

Mr McAteer suggested inviting officers from Scottish Borders Council (SBC) on a site visit. “We can walk the area so they can get a feel for what the complaint is and what the concerns are,” he said.

“The state of the pathway isn’t going to get any better, so we definitely need to have a strategy in place.”

Also causing concern is the poor state of the former Liberal Club building on the High Street which, according to community council vice-chair
Cameron Knox, is “getting worse”.

Mr Knox said that masonry was falling off, and asked what the local authority could do, if anything, to rectify the situation.

SBC councillor, Ron Smith, said: “All the council can do is to put the fencing round about it to ensure public safety.

“The key factor is that the council and other agencies don’t have the right to interfere unless it is causing some kind of environmental problem or a safety problem.

“Here there is an element of a safety problem, which would allow the enforcement team to get involved.”

Mr Knox told the meeting that the box junction at the bottom of O’Connell Street needs to be repainted. Councillor Smith agreed to raise the matter with SBC.