Parents’ views sought on asymmetric week

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hAWICK parents are being invited to debate planned changes to the school week.

Under the new system, pupils would spend four-and-a-half days in school each week with no reduction in hours.

The proposals will see schools start their day at 8.50am with primaries finishing at 3.25pm, secondaries at 3.45 with both wrapping things up at 1.15pm on Friday afternoons.

Speaking this week, education chief Glenn Rodger, pictured, said that the switch to “asymmetric” hours is one of a number of options his department is exploring in a bid to slash costs: “The new timetabling will enable teacher training, development sessions and cross-school working groups to be held during the pupil free afternoon. This will mean teachers will not have to be released from as many classes to attand meetings or training and result in less disruption for pupils.”

The Hawick meeting is scheduled to take place on February 18 at 6.30pm in Hawick High School. Parents of both secondary and the town’s primary school pupils are invited to share their views on the proposed changes.