Parents must share blame

WHEN I read your report of the vandalism to our war memorial I was filled, not with anger, but sadness that we, the older generation, have let an incident like this happen. What has become of the respect for law and decency that was an integral part of our education?

I do blame these young persons for their actions and hope when they are caught they will be identified and named so that they will feel some shame. But I also feel that there is a huge lack of parental skills that allows this to happen. Perhaps the real blame is with the parents, where all responsibility eventually lies.

I don’t think they are really bad, but they must take responsibility for their actions and make reparation. Maybe if they were to meet some of our servicemen and women, who have paid a very high price to allow these persons to behave as they have, they would, perhaps, have a more mature mindset and realise what the memorial actually means.

First they must pay for their actions, then they’ll hopefully be better citizens. I continue to have great faith in our youth.


Chairman (Hawick Branch) The Royal British Legion Scotland

Jamie Batten claimed some time ago that five of the six Hawick councillors were on the council’s Executive. I pointed out in my Soapbox column that in fact only two out of the six were.

Jamie counter-claimed last week that he had meant to say ruling-group rather than Executive but that anyway I was on the Executive, as chairman of the planning committee. News to me! I think I would know if I was on it as I would receive papers for meetings, minutes of meetings etc.

As I type I am looking at a list of the names of the members of the Executive: Parker, Calvert, Cook, Davidson, Fullarton, Garvie, Nicol, Renton, Riddell-Carre, Scott, Smith, Turnbull, Wyse. No mention of Houston! The chairman of the planning committee is not and has never been on the Executive.

Jamie went on to belittle the newly-created jobs at Sainsbury’s and Wetherspoons as “part-time, shifted, minimum wage”.

I do not think for a moment all of them are part-time and in fact some people’s personal circumstances related to caring and childcare mean they need part-time work.

A proportion of the employees in the new jobs will be on the minimum wage, but not all of them. I may be wrong but I would think that most of the employees recruited by Sainsbury’s and Weatherspoons are glad to have work in these difficult economic times.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for making this year’s ninth Steve ‘Hizzy’ Hislop Memorial Run a huge success. The day could not have been better and it would not be able to take place without the help of the travelling marshals, parking marshals, Lothian & Borders Police, Fox & Hounds Inn and of course a big thanks to the Borders folk for supporting the event.


In response to the issues some people have been raising over the last few weeks about wind farms and their current and potential presence in the Borders, I’d just like to ask those critics where exactly they intend sourcing their electricity from once the coal, gas and oil supplies begin to dry up? Which is predicted to be around 30 year’s time.

It seems to me that people just don’t understand that as of this moment in time, fossil fuels are in decline and therefore we are in an ever deteriorating situation where our energy bills shall rise and rise until the point where we just simply run out. The only way to overcome this, is by introducing renewable energy, one source which just happens to be the energy which can be produced using wind power.

Whether we like it or not, it is going to be a common issue in the next decade, so how about stop causing problems, and allow changes to be made for the better.

Also, at the end of the day, if you take a trip to a wind farm and just sit for five minutes and look at the huge machines, they happen to be quite amazing and attractive.

Finally, before I get a response questioning my knowledge, part of my college project last year was on renewables.


In attending the Dance Showcase at the Town Hall recently, I intended to compliment the organiser Andrew Shields and his Performing Arts Academy for a really wonderful show. In the event, while on stage to present the awards at the close, I was unable to make such comments as the fire alarm caused a rapid evacuation of the hall.

I would want to state publicly now therefore that this was an exciting, fast moving and varied show, closely directed by Andrew, which showed skill, energy and commitment by him and by a large number of dancers, from the wee yins to the auld yins.

Well done, Andrew. The very large audience was clearly appreciative of your work.


Honorary Provost