Parents’ fury over soft play toddler’s accident

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A TODDLER was left with a five-inch cut on his back after an accident in Teviotdale Leisure Centre’s soft play area.

The facility has been closed on health and safety grounds with bosses claiming they “just couldn’t take the risk” as it was getting old.

But furious parents Cammie and Laura Crozier revealed the decision came almost a month after son Charlie , 3, suffered his injury.

Mum Laura said: “Charlie was playing in the soft play with his cousin. Where the slide is there’s netting at either side. There was a hole in the netting and he fell through it. The way it was, we couldn’t get to him. He was hysterical but we had to get him to climb his way back out.”

The incident was reported straight away, but no first aid was offered and Mrs Crozier said an accident form wasn’t filled in, even though they stayed at the leisure centre for some time after.

And despite several visits and telephone calls, as well as involving a local solicitor, it took until this week – some five weeks after the accident – for the couple to receive an apology.

Mrs Crozier said: “We were so annoyed when we read the comments in last week’s Hawick News saying they were closing it before something happens because it’s too late, something has happened.

“If they’ve got the time to write that then why didn’t they have the time to get in touch with us and give us an apology or an explanation?

“We’re not looking for compensation or anything like that, we just want someone to apologise.”

After the Hawick News got in touch with Borders Sport and Leisure Trust, who operate TLC, this week, the couple received a call from Lynne Lauder, Hawick area manager.

They received an apology for the incident and assurances that a full investigation is under way.

A spokesperson for the Trust said: “We have had quotes to get the equipment repaired.”