pain at the pumps for drivers

FOR long enough the residents of Hawick have had to pay a significant premium for filling up their cars with petrol, usually around 3-4p a litre more than prices in Edinburgh or Carlisle, even when it is sold by the same company.

I was delighted to read in the Hawick News that Sainsbury’s had applied for permission to open a petrol station alongside their new supermarket, with the hope that competition between the two supermarkets in the town would result in a more competitive pricing policy.

Now that Sainsbury’s has opened its doors, I am more than a little disappointed that they seem to have joined Morrisons in some form of cartel and simply matched their petrol prices. While I am not expecting the petrol to drop to city prices, I would have expected some form of benefit to the local motorists.

Take Asda in Galashiels for example. They have also recently opened a petrol station, and with no real competition in the town from any other supermarket giant, their petrol is currently priced at 2-3p a litre less than anywhere in Hawick.

It almost makes it worthwhile to travel to Galashiels for the weekly shopping and to fill the car with petrol, this is something our supermarkets may want to consider.

Yet again, Hawick appears to get the thin end of the wedge.

While the government are keen to force everyone onto public transport by hiking up road and petrol tax, it is simply not an option in rural areas like the Borders. We do not have a good enough public transport infrastructure and for us, a car is a necessity not a luxury.

It would be interesting to hear something from the management at both Sainsbury’s and Morrisons regarding their pricing structure.


MAY I thank the Hawick public who once again turned out in their thousands to support the Hawick Christmas Panto which proved to be a great success last week.

Can I also thank the members of Hawick Panto Group, who worked tirelessly from August to help bring the script to life.

The small army of volunteers who helped front of house during the show, and the various local people who kindly donated various props etc for the show.

The show raised thousands for local charities, and also succeeded in putting a big smile on people’s faces.

Graham Ford

Hawick Panto Producer

I WOULD like, through your paper, to say a heartfelt thank-you to the two gentlemen who came to my assistance after I fell on black ice last Tuesday morning. Also, thank-you to my neighbours and friends, George and Beattie and Sally.


Hawick Scout Group Christmas Post Committee would like to thank all those who contributed to the Group’s recent fund-raising Christmas Card charity appeal. The success of the event would not have been possible without the tremendous support from the Hawick public, who turned out in atrocious weather to bring their cards to the Congregational Church Hall.

Grateful thanks also go to those old and new supporters who helped with the post intake from Hawick residents, the sorting of the cards and, finally, the delivery of the cards throughout the town.

Thank you all very much indeed, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hawick Scout Christmas Post Committee