No speed limit change for Weensland Road

Councillor Ron Smith
Councillor Ron Smith

A VARIABLE speed limit, reducing drivers to just 20mph when children are going to and from school, will not be implemented on Weensland Road.

After meeting with local traffic police on site, Councillor Ron Smith had hoped that a new sign could be erected.

But a spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council believed the current flashing lights and two crossing patrols were “most appropriate” for the stretch of road.

With regard to the variable speed limit, they said: “There may be scope to review the situation at a later date but this is not something we are considering at the moment.”

Councillor Smith (pictured) revealed that, using the radar gun to survey the speed of traffic last Friday lunch time, most vehicles were just below 30mph, although one or two were “significantly” over.

He said: “The traffic policeman will consult with complainants as to specific times which are felt to be a problem, and will return with the radar gun officially.”