No room at the inn for Common-Riding 2014

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THERE is no accommodation left in the whole of Hawick during next year’s quincentenary Common-Riding celebrations.

That is the news from local proprietors as preparations for the 500th anniversary of Hornshole gather pace, and exiled Teries clamber for beds.

Alan King, who runs the Lux Bed and Breakfast in Teviotside Terrace, told the Hawick News: “I could have sold our beds 30 times over; we are completely booked and have been inundated with enquiries.

“We were full up for next year’s Common-Riding before this year’s had begun. And people are still emailing, phoning, and knocking on the door.”

And it’s the same story at Mansfield House Hotel, with superviser Lesley Haslam stating: “It’s a full house for the Common-Riding next year, we are totally booked from the Thursday, right up until checking out on the Sunday, and that has been the case since earlier this year.”

She added: “We have people coming from Yorkshire, Lancaster, Ayrshire, Ireland and London, and some want to know if a bed becomes available on the Friday night.”

Julie Redpath, from the Elm Guest House, added: “We are fully booked as always, but for next year have made sure that we take our regulars first.”

The boom in local business was revealed at a meeting of the 2014 Initiative last week, as the group prepares a series of events to mark the historic occasion.

Chairman of Hawick Common-Riding Committee, Stuart Marshall, added: “Next year will definitely be a bumper year for people wanting to visit Hawick, and personally I have taken enquiries from America and Cornwall.

“The good news is that many of those will be hosted by friends and family, but there’s no getting away from it that our town would benefit from an increase in the provision of accommodation.”

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