No response to MP over unpaid holiday wage

St Andrew's nursing home in Hawick.
St Andrew's nursing home in Hawick.

Despite assurances from management at St Andrews nursing home over recent pay allegations one woman says she remains unpaid two years after she left her job.

Two weeks ago the Hawick News highlighted the latest allegations over irregular and inaccurate wage payments as well as problems with holiday entitlements.

At that time Jason Sykes, managing director said: “St Andrews Care Home makes every effort to ensure all staff (existing and those who have left) are paid on time and correct for the hours they have worked and any annual leave that is due.

“Our procedures are fair and simple in respect to holidays and if these are adhered to then staff are paid in accordance to their entitlement.”

But one former employee says she is owed a week’s holiday pay more than two years after she left her job.

In a letter to the Hawick News this week, Mary Martin wrote: “Management say they are doing all in their power to do right for their staff ut this is only words. I left in September 2013 and it took me six months to get my P45 and I was due one week’s holiday pay. Guess what? I am still waiting on it two years later.”

Mrs Martin got her then local MP Michael Moore involved, but despite writing to Park Homes thrice, he received no reply.

In a letter to Mrs Martin the former Liberal Democrat MP wrote: “I am writing to follow up on your enquiry about unpaid salary from your employment at Park Homes. I have written to the director on three occasions and have still not had the courtesy of a response.”

Mrs Martin added: “I am afraid Park Homes may talk the talk but they do not walk the walk.”

The Hawick News contacted Park Homes managing director Jason Sykes to seek clarification on several points and asked for a statement but he failed to respond.