No pass marks for changes to school day

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THE council’s proposal to change the high school hours is going to be hard to sell to parents.

No one likes change unless it is an obvious improvement, but with two short days in the school week raising more cons than pros, Scottish Borders Council may have a fight on its hands. From youngsters having no one to pick them up or go home to, and what is either going to be a nightmare for bus companies or mean kids hanging around, to the ramifications for extra-curricular activities, parents are quite right to be concerned.

Another worrying aspect is the proposed scrapping of registration class, which is surely a valuable way of allowing pupils one part in a hectic day when they see the same teacher and friends. And not having lunch until 1.15pm seems far too late for growing youngsters, whose classes will start at 8.50am.

Nothing ever seems to be allowed to stay the same these days with almost every aspect of our lives and the organisations which we come into contact with, being streamlined, merged and generally messed with.

And no doubt we’ll all have to continue bearing change in the name of efficiency and savings. But when it comes to the good old-fashioned school day, there are some things which should be left alone.