No more Pow’s pies as Alister closes up butcher’s business

Pow Butchers
Pow Butchers
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SANDBED butcher Alister Pow has sold his last pie.

The popular businessman shut the doors of his shop on Saturday for the last time and called it a day on health grounds.

And he admitted after 23 years in charge it was “a nightmare” to see it closed for good.

The 54-year-old has had two hip replacements and latterly suffered with arthritis.

He told the Hawick News this week: “The decision has been made purely on health grounds. I had a couple of appointments with the doctor last week and, to be perfectly honest, they were surprised that I’ve lasted this long.

“I’ve been having problems with my back and knees for some time and you can’t work in a butcher’s without those major components.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I need to get my health back on track, that’s the most important thing. I’m under doctor’s orders , I’ve been signed off for the next two months at least, so we’ll see how it goes after that.”

Mr Pow took over the former Scott’s butcher business and became a mainstay in the Sandbed area of the town, although it was put up for sale last year.

And while he is sad to see it finishing, he has thanked his loyal customers for their support over the years.

“I’m so grateful to everybody who has supported me throughout my time at the shop,” he said. “It’s just come to a point when I can’t do it any longer. Because of my health I can’t work the long hours any more.

“It’s a nightmare and it was a hell of a sad day on Saturday when we closed the doors for good.”

One member of staff is affected by the closure.