No money in the pot for Burnfoot garden of rememberance

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A GARDEN of rememberance can only be created at Wilton Cemetery if the people of Burnfoot support a lottery bid.

That was the message relayed to Burnfoot Community Council last week, where plans for a proposed alternative to burial plots were revealed - but it was heard that the local authority can do no more to help.

Presenting a sketch of a paved area, seating, hedging, grass and a boundary fence, parks manager Jason Hedley (pictured) said: “The design has been developed to try and respond to aspirations for adequate burial space for the people of Burnfoot, for them to be noted somewhere that allows contemplation, and to scatter ashes.”

Mr Hedley confirmed the project has the go-ahead from burial services, but stated: “The key issue is how you are going to deliver this, because the council are not taking it forward. This is as far as we can take you. It needs the community behind it. We will help, but it has to come from you.”

Community Councillor Alec Martin, a member of the sub-committee formed to pursue the garden, replied: “It’s disappointing that the council is backing off, but people need a point of reference.”

Chairman Richard Knight added: “The plan looks great, but it’s now about getting the funding ourselves.”

Members of the sub-committee have since secured a meeting with SBC’s external funding officer.