No hiding place as contestants weigh in for challenge

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THERE were almost 30 applications from people desperate to be part of this year’s ‘Biggest Loser’, to follow in the successful footsteps of the past two years’ groups.

It is a competition which sees ten contestants sign up for a life-changing experience that will not only see them shed pounds, but also embark on a journey of exercise and healthy eating - in their bid to lose at least two stone.

Between now and Sunday, May 18, every success and failure and personal story will be shared with readers of the Hawick News. And with the help, guidance, expertise and motivation of the team at Think Fitness 4 Less - who will be using the revolutionary MYZONE© training system and benefiting from the kind assistance of Anne Graham from Scottish Slimmers – the opportunity is there for the class of 2014 to yield the best results yet.

The ten lucky contenders, from all walks of life, are currently getting their teeth into an introductory two-week gym programme. And every second of physical activity, both inside and outside of the gym, will be tracked on their MYZONE© belts, which will show exactly how hard they have worked, and how many calories they have burned.

As a result, Think Fitness 4 Less co-owner Stuart Oliver says this year there really will be no hiding place.

“We’ve met some cracking people over the last two competitions and witnessed some outstanding results, but with the ‘Losers’ using MYZONE©, and Anne Graham’s support on the eating front, this year promises to be spectacular results-wise”, he stated.

As the weeks go on, classes and activities outside of the gym will be introduced, the intensity of programmes will increase, and the ‘Losers’ will be challenged more and more.

Stuart went on: “The group are making all the right noises, they’re enthusiastic, it’ll just come down to commitment. If they put the work in, they’ll achieve, no doubt about it.”

There may not be blood, but there will certainly be sweat and tears as the brave chosen ten set out to attempt to change their lives forever.

And their progress will be shared with Hawick News readers every week until the competition concludes.