No change at town’s community council

Marion Short
Marion Short

Hawick Community Council’s top brass were re-elected without challenge in the Lesser Town Hall on Monday night.

But they’ll only be in post a matter of weeks before community council elections are due to take place .

Chairwoman Marion Short, proposed by Wilson George and seconded by Jim Little was re-elected to the top post.

French Wight proposed that Cameron Knox, who did not attend the meeting, retained the vice-chair position and was seconded once again by Jim Little.

Liz Adams stays put as secretary after Marion Short’s proposal which was seconded by Ian Turnbull and Drew O’Mara will remain as treasurer after backing from Liz Adams and Wilson George.

An advert seeking community council nominations will be inserted in the Hawick News on August 14 and the closing date will be Monday, August 31. The council will write to candidates following a 7-day cooling off period to inform them if they have been successful or if there needs to be a ballot and during this period, the community council will effectively be suspended.

Speaking this week, Mr Short said: “I am pleased to continue in this role, with the full support of the members and the fact that they know just how much work is involved in the position. I have now been elected as Chair on four occasions and am delighted with the success of the council and all the projects we have undertaken to date. However, the success is dependent also on the co-operation and communication of our re-elected Secretary Liz Adams and together we have a very strong and good working relationship. Furthermore I am delighted with the re-election of the other two office bearers Cameron Knox as Vice-Chair and Drew O’Mara as Treasurer who along with the other members provide a good working pro-active team. It is a bit daunting to go through this again effectively in two months time but the stipulations of the constitution dictate this schedule.”