New roundabout ‘a possibility’ for Silverbuthall

Roundabout bid for Silverbuthall in Hawick.
Roundabout bid for Silverbuthall in Hawick.

Silverbuthall could be in line for a new roundabout after a meeting with councillors, officials and police following roads safety concerns.

Over several months both residents and bus companies have highlighted fears over the build up of traffic at the Silverbuthall and Atkinson Road junction near the

And this week, Councillor Stuart Marshall told the Hawick News that a speed camera has been installed in the area in an attempt to alleviate any problems.

The calls come after a recent ‘bus tour’ which was undertakn by both Councillor Marshall and fellow ward member Watson McAteer who travelled throughout the town to highlight various traffic congestion hotspots.

The initiative took in the majority of bus routes in their ward and according to Mr Marshall the pair will now look to take action on several problem areas.

The Hawick and Denholm councillor said: “Several weeks ago both Watson and I went out with bus drivers at their request to see the many hazards that are presented to them on this route, and one that was particularly bad was near to the corner shop end at the Silverbuthall Road/Branxholme Road junction.

“Roads officers have now agreed to draw up plans to take away the green space in the middle of this road and explore the possibility of constructing a roundabout which would be clearly marked and contain the appropriate signage on its approach.

“Obviously there would be the usual consultation process to go through but I am delighted by the response that we received from both the council and the police on this matter.

“We have also been informed that a speed-monitoring unit has been installed as a temporary measure along this route and the data gathered from that will help us greatly when we look at other stretches of Silverbuthall.”

Councillor McAteer added: “Following a recent service bus journey in Silverbuthall, Councillor Stuart Marshall and I were concerned at some risky manoeuvres the driver had to make to complete the journey.

“There were a number of reasons with indiscriminate parking and poorly designed junctions being the major contributors. We are working with the police and council officers to see what can be done to make Silverbuthall safer
for pedestrians and road users.”