New quincentenary statue unveiled

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Thousands thronged Tower Knowe last night for the unveiling of the quincentenary statue.

The stunning £80,000 artwork depicts five figures including one young callant raising the captured English flag following the battle of Hornshole in 1514.

This year’s Cornet, Ross Gibson, took the wraps off the statue, and said: “It tells the story perfectly because the young Callant brought the flag back and it was only the really old and the really young left in the town and it has got both. The detail in it is brilliant.”

Earlier in proceedings, official Common-Riding song-singer Michael Aitken hit the right note with a stirring rendition of Hawick, while the massed ranks of schoolchildren, all of whom were bedecked in period costume after the battle re-enactment yesterday afternoon, were also in great voice and swayed from side to side as Up wi Auld Hawick reverberated along High Street.

Provost Stuart Marshall paid tribute to all those involved in bringing the statue to fruition, making special mention of ex-Cornet John Hope, who had “lived and breathed the project” for the last four years, and Scottish Borders Council for all its help.