New memorial for Hornshole to mark quincentenary celebrations

THE 1514 Monument at Hornshole is to be replaced.

An exact replica stone has been commissioned by the Ex-Cornets and Ex-Acting Fathers’ Association as part of the 2014 celebrations.

Chairman of the organisation, John Hogg said: “It’s a very important area in the town’s history and we felt it would be good for our association to do something worthwhile to commemorate what happened 500 years ago, and this certainly fits the bill.

“It’s currently a bit weather beaten, but in terms of its design it will be staying exactly the same.”

The original ‘Lest we forget’ monument was erected in 1901 and records when a party of local youths engaged and defeated a section of Lord Dacre’s English army and captured a flag in 1514, a year after the bloody Battle of Flodden.

The stone has been obtained from Moray and local tradesman Stan Stenhouse will be carrying out the work to replicate the current memorial. The work, which is costing in the region of £3,000, is being funded by the association members through subscriptions.

Hawick Archaeological Society are also funding a plaque for the new memorial, which is being designed and produced by Gordon Muir.

Meanwhile, suggestions are being sought for what to do with the original monument after 2014.

The groups involved in planning the 2014 celebrations are meeting in the Border Club on Wednesday night at 7pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend.