New home sought for Hawick songs record

A HAWICK Callants Club record discovered amongst the belongings of a late exiled Teri has become the subject of an appeal to anyone interested in the town.

A friend of deceased Hawick man David Laidlaw - who had been sorting his personal effects - has issued an appeal for any relatives or representatives of Hawick Callants Club who may be interested in claiming the record, to come forward.

David Laidlaw was born at 6 Laidlaw Terrace, before leaving Hawick and going onto manage a factory on Tyneside producing gas mask parts and torpedos during the war until he and his wife Elsie were bombed out. The couple then moved to Cornwall where he set up a factory manufacturing fine knitwear - but his hometown was clearly never far from his heart - in keeping the record bought from J.Graham, Music Seller of Hawick, in 1964.

His friend from the Chichester area, Brian Thomas, contacted Hawick resident Iain Crawford via email, a fellow member of the Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association, and wrote: “It would be a pity if these traditional tunes and songs were to be lost, so I thought perhaps you could make local enquiries regarding the club. I would gladly send it on to anyone having an interest in the Callants.”

Iain Crawford is having the Songs of Hawick record sent to him, and can be contacted on or 07795396476.