New dementia unit approved for Deanfield home

Fourteen new dementia beds have been rubber-stamped for Hawick as part of future plans for Deanfield Residential Care Home.

The executive committee of Scottish Borders Council has agreed that the Roadhead building will have specialist beds on the lower floor, as part of a move to improve the quality of service in care homes.

And the executive has gone even further by ratifying a recommendation for the facility to remain at 35 beds for long-term care – with no respite provision.

A spokesperson for SBC said: “As part of recommendations to maintain and improve the quality and range of care home provision across the Borders, the committee agreed that Deanfield Residential Care Home, which is now managed by SB Cares, would continue to provide long-stay care for older people.”

It had originally been recommended through the council’s Transforming Older People’s Service review that a small number of beds would be utilised for short-term intermediate care. However, the future demand for care provision, including intermediate care, was reconsidered and it was concluded there is sufficient provision to meet demand for short-term care.

SBC added: “There is growing demand for dementia care and the executive supported the proposal that more specialist/enhanced care provision for dementia will be provided in Deanfield.”

Alluding to the previous closure of Crumhaugh House, Councillor Ron Smith stated: “There is a commitment to have priority beds within the town again and that will be of considerable comfort to people who worry what would happen to confused relatives.”