Neighbour’s fury over new sign

A NEW sign erected outside the Evergreen Hall has been described by an angry nearby resident as “unacceptable”.

And the Northcote Street flat owner is calling for the large new sign to be removed.

Billy Jardine asserted: “The sign is huge and just appeared all of a sudden, without any consultation or consideration. It is completely blocking my view, and instead of seeing people or looking across the river, all I will see is the sign.

“I want it moved.”

George Brown, treasurer of Hawick Senior Citizens Association, which runs the hall, commented: “As far we were aware the sign is within height restrictions, and we just followed the advice of our grant advisors as part of the second phase of the hall’s renovations.”

But Mr Jardine has complained to local councillor Davie Paterson, who confirmed that no consent had been requested or given for the sign, adding: “The planning department is going to have a look.”