‘My Kind of Music’ at Film and Video Group

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The theme of the meeting last Tuesday was “My Kind of Music”. Members were asked to submit short films featuring their favourite type of musical accompaniment.

David Peacock began with a documentary of the Borders Union Show in 2007 at Kelso, which covered outdoor activities such as a pony gymkhana and dressage events as well as agricultural machinery demonstrations. The music in this case was from a BBC record of background themes.

The next on screen was Bill Neil’s compilation of glider aircraft, flying high over patchwork scenery to the music of Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds”.

Jean Tait put together a sequence of family anniversary images, ranging from birthday celebrations to retirement parties with Cliff Richard singing “Congratulations” in the background.

David Peacock’s second contribution was of the 1987 Raft Race event on the river Tweed near Kelso, with the New Seekers singing “Sail the Summer Winds”.

Scott Renwick submitted several films made in the 1960s, the first being a sample of delights on a club summer outing called “Bits and Pieces” accompanied by the Dave Clark Five. Next, a young artist drew a “Portrait of My Love” with Matt Monroe in the background.

The third in the 1960s selection, was a documentary about the Crinan Canal, which followed the progress of a steam puffer making its way along the canal, being similar to the “Vital Spark” in the “Para Handy” TV series at that time, with one of its actors, John Grieve singing the title song.

Finally, two recent films from Scott which are self explanatory “Autumn Leaves” and “Let It Snow” by Mantovani and Dean Martin respectively, brought the evening to a close.

The meeting on 27th January will be our Scottish themed night followed by a supper of haggis needs and tatties.