Mundell throws spotlight on distillery boost

David Mundell MP
David Mundell MP

Townsfolk welcomed the news last week that a whisky distillery could be on its way to Commercial Road and politicians are queuing up to talk of the tourism benefits.

And according to the Secretary of State for Scotland, MP David Mundell, it could prove a huge tourist attraction and the knock-on effects could be massive.

Within hours of our story last week, Facebookers were welcoming the news, with Moira Birney saying: “Great news for Hawick.”

Sandra Elliot added: “This would be great news for the town in every way if it comes off.”

And Dave Donald said: “Job opportunities, grab all that comes our way, move forward. Go for it Hawick.”

On the back of the distillery news, councillor and provost Stuart Marshall had a conversation recently with Tory MP Mundell during which the Westminster politician highlighted the positive effect a similar venture has had in Annan.

And speaking to the Hawick News this week, Mr Mundell said: “ When a new distillery opened near Annan in my constituency, it was great news for the local area. With new jobs and investment, it’s bringing tourists to Annan and giving a real boost to the local area. I’m sure that the new distillery will provide the same boost with new jobs and investment for Hawick.”

And Councillor Marshall reiterated that saying: “To have a whisky distillery in Commercial Road would have massive benefits for not only the existing businesses in the area, but I think it would also provide a huge attraction for the many tourists that visit us each year.

“With the biggest free car park within a stone’s throw, a distillery, if given the go-ahead, would indeed be a huge asset for Hawick.

Mr Marshall added that everyone he has spoken to in the last week is behind the initiative and that everyone has their part to play in making this happen: “Since the news broke last week of the prospect of having such an attraction in the town I have heard nothing but support .

“It’s important that all of us play our part in this.”