Multi-agency bid to tackle estate’s antisocial kids

A multi-agency approach is being stepped up in a bid to thwart the rise in antisocial behaviour on the Burnfoot housing estate.

Over the past two weeks the Hawick News has reported on the escalation of youth-related incidents and at Tuesday’s meeting of Burnfoot Community Council, both police and local youth workers highlighted initiatives aimed at calming the situation.

A range of diversionary projects including rugby and football and targeted group work with the rural/urban training scheme aimed at young drivers are being explored.

Former council chairman Richard Knight expressed concerns over the rise in youth calls and he added that many are going unreported. He said: “People are not reporting incidents and I have spoken to people who have and they have been made to feel like thay are telling fibs.”

Inspector Carol Wood responded: “A number of youths have been spoken to in the prescence of their parents. We can only keep plugging away at it. I would encourage people to phone in with any issues thay have but we do have other demands.”

Mr Knight added: “The situation has been getting worse over the past three or four months but it has taken this length of time before action has been taken. People are just fed up with it.”

Inspector Wood said: “This has not been brought back to me as a massive issue. I have not had this level of feedback following community council meetings.”

Council vice-chairman Jamie Batten told the Hawick News: “I am confident that the police have this situation in hand. Parents need to take more responsibility for the actions of their children. The majority of children are very well behaved.”