MSP defends stance on rail amid call for roads cash

I write in response to the letter in the Hawick News on March 9 from Lorne Anton, chairman of the Campaign for Borders Rail.

I have always been supportive of improved transport links to all parts of the Borders. My concern, and that of many residents in Hawick, is that the railway to Galashiels is sucking investment away from other important local transport initiatives like investment in the A7 and other trunk roads.

Indeed, the SNP Transport Minister himself confirmed in the Scottish Parliament that the railway to Galashiels is his number one priority. We’ve also heard the SNP Government has no plans for major investment in any of our local trunk roads between now and 2030.

The SNP and others seem to believe that the railway to Galashiels is the solution to all of our transport problems. The reality is that serious investment is needed across the Borders to ensure that other communities are not left behind.

I am eager to see every part of the Borders benefit from high quality transport links and I will continue to push the SNP to see this happen.