Mosstroopers’ Moor clean-up

AS part of the 2014 celebrations, the Ancient Order of Mosstroopers are hoping to restore the 1514 memorial.

And the club’s first fund-raiser is this Sunday as they undertake the cleaning up of the Moor.

President Terry Scott said: “We are trying to raise around £8,000 over the next three years for the restoration of the Horse monument so we weren’t going to turn this money away.

“We appeal to all those willing to help to spare a couple of hours on Sunday. You’ll be helping to clean up Hawick common land as well as contributing to the work to be done to the Horse.”

The work, which will be carried out by professional sculptors, will return the monument, sculpted by William Beattie, to the original condition first seen in 1914. Other fund-raisers include a Scocha concert on October 15 in Hawick Town Hall, tickets for which are available at ILF Imaging .