More people see strange objects flying overhead

THE mysterious sighting over Silverbuthall reported in last week's Hawick News appears to have been spotted by others.

And while some have dismissed the strange orange glow spotted by Ernie and Winnie Corson as celebratory Chinese lanterns, it seems more people have noticed their presence in the night sky.

Ashley Murray said: "I would just like to state that I also saw the strange glowing orange light in the sky at the weekend. It was moving across from the Miller's Knowes and heading towards the Silverbuthall direction. However, I saw it on the Saturday night at nearer half past ten."

And it seems as though the mysterious glow could well be following Teries on their travels.

Thomas and Margaret Stevenson, from Teenside Cottage, were visiting friends in Glenrothes, Fife, when they spotted the shape in the sky in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Thomas told the Hawick News: "We were just sitting blethering and my wife saw it first, a big bright light coming towards us.

"We opened the window and there wasn't a single sound and then it just drifted away. It was quite eerie to see."