Moore lends support for High Street workshop

Hawick MP Michael Moore
Hawick MP Michael Moore

Lib Dem MP Michael Moore has welcomed council plans to co-host a workshop on the future of Hawick High Street.

For over a year, Mr Moore has been pressing Scottish Borders Council to put its resources at the disposal of local councillors, the community council and others who are working to improve the state of the High Street.

Following a meeting with SBC chief executive Tracey Logan, Mr Moore confirmed that a report will be taken forward aimed at paving the way for a community workshop where townsfolk, local traders, the community council and elected representatives will be able to give their views on the state of the High Street and offer ideas about how it can be improved.

Mr Moore commented: “In most of the chats I have with people the High Street is a significant topic of conversation.

“I welcome the fact that the council have accepted the idea of a workshop to kick-start a process of reviewing the state of the High Street and to ensure that all local viewpoints are considered in the development of plans for the future.”