Moore defends taped ‘train wreck’ comments

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HAWICK MP Michael Moore has spoken out after being secretly recorded by undercover reporters describing the university tution fee increase as a “train wreck”.

The Lib Dem Scottish Secretary is one of several senior politicians to have been caught on tape criticising the coalition, stating less than 24 hours after voting in favour of the Coalition plan at a constituency surgery in Galashiels, that tuition fees were a “car crash”.

Mr Moore said this week it was the first time in 14 years his confidence had been breached at a surgery. And stated: “It is hopefully not a shock to anyone that I am a committed Liberal Democrat focused on promoting Liberal Democrat values and policies. As I said during the meeting, and many times elsewhere, the coalition has been formed to tackle deep seated problems in this country and to address the largest ever deficit in peacetime history. That involves tough choices, which are not always comfortable to make, but the coalition remains committed to ensuring that we tackle the legacy left to us by Labour.”