Moore blasts SNP over referendum ‘delay’

HAWICK MP Michael Moore has told the SNP Government in Scotland to “quit stalling” over plans to hold a referendum on independence.

And he has branded its 1,000-day plan damaging to Borders businesses.

In his speech at the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference, he said Scotland should be allowed to decide its future in 500 days.

He said: “What I find frustrating is the Nationalists’ determination to go slow. If Mr Salmond has confidence in his plans – if he really believes that Scotland will vote to leave the UK family – why does he drag his heels?

“In January, the SNP said Scots should wait nearly three years to determine their future.

“But we don’t need 1,000 days to decide this crucial question. We can get this done in the 500 days that follow the consultations. You can plan the poll, pass the law and hold the ballot. That is enough time for the Scottish people to hear the arguments, consider the evidence, and express their view.”

He added: “This unnecessary delay to the referendum is damaging for businesses here in the Borders. For the sake of our local and national economies I am urging the Scottish Government to stop dragging their heels and hold the referendum in 2013.

“This is an entirely reasonable proposal which will end the uncertainty and allow the people of Scotland to decide the future of their country as soon as possible.”