Minto Golf Club has members-only restriction removed

SCOTTISH Borders Licensing Board has agreed to remove the members-only restriction at Minto Golf Club near Denholm, writes Andrew Keddie.

As a result, visitors will no longer have to be signed in to enjoy a meal or drink in the clubhouse.

“Like all golf clubs in the Borders we are struggling for membership and we are trying to arrest this,” said house convener Doug Joyce at last Friday’s board meeting.

“One of the ways is to increase footfall for meals in our clubhouse: by getting the public to come up and see our magnificent setting at Minto and perhaps become interested in playing golf here.

“We also want to be able to encourage other groups, like cycling and walking clubs, to meet here and to market the clubrooms for weddings, funerals and other functions.

“This is a food-based initiative and, because of where we are, we do not anticipate an increase in alcohol sales.”

There were no objections from the police and the board approved the amendment to the club’s operating plan.