Mill moves to quash Bulgaria frames rumour

Peter Scott's factory in Buccleuch Street
Peter Scott's factory in Buccleuch Street

Management at Peter Scott have scotched rumours that the company is about to transfer its frame knitting operation to Bulgaria.

But in an email sent to the Hawick News on Sunday night, the firm’s head of HR, David Riddell, conceded that the Buccleuch Street factory’s frame department was to be “scaled down”.

Dismissing the possibility of a south-eastern European move, Mr Riddell said: “There has never been a situation where a move to Bulgaria was discussed nor has it been on the agenda and it will never be on the agenda.

He added: “As a result of the future strategy we are scaling down the need for frame knitting. We will continue to utilise the machines to ensure our key customers are serviced appropriately.”

Mr Riddell also said the
company is now having to rethink its manufacturing strategy in order to remain competitive.

“Although the skill base within the town is second to none in terms of producing high volume low value products UK manufacturing is not in a
position to compete at this time, therefore is it necessary for the longevity of the business to
realign itself into niche markets that support high-value
low-volume product lines.”