Mill Cornets through the ages

editorial image

A nostalgic exhibition featuring Mill Cornets of yesteryear opens in the Textiles Towerhouse today (Saturday).

The display has been compiled as another strand to this year’s quincentenary celebrations, with photographs dating back to 1922 when the mills had their own Cornets, Right-Hand Men and Left-hand Men – traditionally the youngest apprentices – and they entertained the workforce with Common-Riding songs.

The exhibition also includes mill magazines, postcards, and the green jacket and top hat worn by Pringle Mill Cornets over the decades.

The museum service’s Shaureen Lammie, who organised the display, said: “The exhibition would not have been possible without the help of local people and the community. No doubt Teries will see someone they know, or they’ll relate to the different fashions depicted in the pictures.” Our photograph shows Braemar’s Mill Cornet from 1969.

The exhibition runs until July 5.