Michelle’s on cloud nine after start to her big year

Cornet’s Lass Michelle Paxton says she is having to pinch herself that each engagement during her special role isn’t just a “one-off”.

The local dental hygienist therapist hasn’t been able to stop smiling since she and all the Principals were revealed to the town last Wednesday night, and she still can’t believe that she has so much to look forward to.

A thrilled Michelle said: “I had such a great time on Picking Night it was like something that is only just a one-off, so when it was Bonchester Ride-out on Saturday, I couldn’t believe I got to do it all again. And if everything is going to feel like this, it is going to be amazing.”

Yet the 28-year-old has admitted to feeling apprehensive ahead of her first public outing and the first ride-out, adding: “I was nervous last week on Picking Night, and again on Saturday, as it’s strange to suddenly be in the spotlight in front of so many people, but I’m absolutely loving the whole experience. It has been brilliant so far.”

And also enjoying a great sense of camarderie and friendship between the Lasses, Michelle joked: “We keep lauging at the stops because each time we’ve been surprised to have the best parking place.

“We are all getting on great, and Acting Mother Jane and myself are so similar, we even share a birthday.”

But revealing just how proud she is to have been given the honour of becoming Cornet’s Lass, Michelle added: “I can’t wait for the Big Week and all that is ahead of us. It’s already going so fast, though, I’m trying to enjoy every minute.”