Memorial garden plans taking shape in cemetery

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PLANS for a remembrance garden at Wilton Cemetery are gathering pace.

The proposal was raised some time ago by members of Burnfoot Community Council.

And at a meeting this week, detailed plans were revealed that will now be put out to the public for consultation.

The garden would be situated off the Wilton Hill entrance, adjacent to the roundabout in the cemetery. There are also plans for a metal memorial tree, while wild flowers would be planted stretching down to the exit to the Waverley Walk.

Community councillor Alex Martin, who has been one of the driving forces behind the project, said: “The next step is to go for funding, but in order to do so we need to consult with the public and make sure they are happy with what is being proposed.”

It is understood the area would be used to scatter ashes, while metallic leaves on the tree would act as a permanent memorial for people.

Community councillor Jamie Batten, who has also been a strong advocate of the scheme, added: “Initially there were plans to have a wall where people could put the caskets and ashes into, but now it has been decided the remembrance garden will be for scattering ashes. We need to come to an agreement with Scottish Borders Council to cut the grass but we want to get this off the ground as soon as possible.”

Plans are to be made available at the lodge house at the cemetery, although a date is still to be confirmed. They will also be on show at Burnfoot Carnival on July 13.

MEANWHILE, complaints were received at Tuesday’s meeting regarding youngsters using mopeds in the Sleepy Valley area and cyclists operating without helmets.

John Rudkin said: “We’re having a problem again with kids riding around the grass area. I think there should be signs put up saying that you’re not allowed to ride mopeds in the area.”

Concerns were also raised over scrambling bikes being used in Bucklands Wood and down onto the Waverley Walk.