Members’ diverse collections

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As with ‘My latest purchase’ last meeting, the following one, ‘Five sheets or 50p fine’ again showed the diverse range of collecting themes of local Stamp Club members.

First on show were very ornate and colourful Hungarian Christmas postcards of the early 1900s; followed by a German patriotic card of 1917 featuring a soldier saying goodbye to his wife and children; and a 1909 New Year greetings card from Berlin to America returned undelivered covered in a range of postal markings.

Two covers showed examples of German private posts for Frankfurt (1886) and Munich (1896); and a selection of cards and covers issued for the 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee exhibition in London. The stamps of Labuan, part of North Borneo, are not widely available so the selection of 1894 and those of Great Britain overprinted for use on the island in 1916 were notable.

Other stamps were from the DDR (East Germany) in the period 1978-1990 issued for the circus, Meissen porcelain and postal uniforms; and Italy with a virtually complete run of those from 1930-35.