Meet planned to prevent trouble flaring again

Councillor Watson McAteer
Councillor Watson McAteer

Burnfoot councillors Watson McAteer and Stuart Marshall are to meet with estate residents and police in a pre-emptive move aimed at preventing antisocial behavior.

The move follows weeks of misery for Burnfoot residents last winter which resulted in a summit meeting between police, councillors, official and others with an interest in the community.

And speaking this week, Mr McAteer said: “‘While attending Burnfoot Community Council meeting I suggested that the agencies involved in dealing with youth-related problems at the end of last year meet to discuss how we can use the learnings to pro-actively support the community as winter and the dark nights approach.

“Involving youth workers, the police, the council, the new hub, social housing providers and community representatives would create an ideal forum to address any concerns.

“The community council were very supportive and the meeting will be arranged soon with the information shared across the estate.”

Mr McAteer’s idea is being embraced by Burnfoot Community Council chair Michael Grieve who says it’s vital to talk before any issues arise this winter.

Speaking to the Hawick News, Mr Grieve commented: “I feel that it is important that we allow the residents and the organisations that came together earlier in the year a chance to speak to each other again and as we have the darker nights coming in to ensure that we are not letting the situation slide with places and activities for the youth of Burnfoot and indeed the wider town.

“I hope to see organisations like Escape and youth workers present too.”

“At this time a date has not been formalised but invitations should go out shortly. We see this as a pre-emptive step rather than having to wait to react.

“An invite to attend will also be sent to Councillor Donald Moffat, the port-
folio holder for community safety at Scottish Borders Council.”