McLeod’s dredging plan

Hawick Community Councillor Greg McLeod has mooted the idea of local contractors being brought in to dredge the River Teviot.

Mr McLeod told Monday night’s meeting that he kept hearing that it wouldn’t be cost-effective to remove the gravel from the riverbed, but he claimed it could be done without incurring any cost.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was led to believe that [Muirfield Farm’s] Richard Gray dredged the river for free a while back,” he said.

“And he got the spoils that came out of the water, all the stones and everything to crush and use and to sell on.”

He continued: “The issue of the cost of dredging keeps raising its head, but have we looked into the possibility of using local contractors?”

Scottish Borders Council councillor, Stuart Marshall, said: “SEPA is in the driving seat, Greg.”

Mr McLeod reiterated: “But the cost part has been getting my back up because when it was last dredged, I was led to believe Richard Gray did it for free because he was getting all the stuff that came out of the water.”

Scottish Borders Council councillor, Watson McAteer, said: “We’ve met with SEPA to talk about what the prospects would be, and at the same time the council has done a fair piece of work identifying areas that would benefit from having gravel removed.”

He added: “We then get into the economics of how it’s paid for and managed, but we’re nowhere near that yet.”