McLeod in call for bins at racecourse

Hawick Community Councillor Greg McLeod is calling for dog bins to be installed in the middle of the racecourse at the Moor, writes Jason Marshall.

Speaking at Monday night’s meeting, he said: “Obviously there’s people still taking their dogs onto the race track, although there was a sign to say keep off it because it was being sprayed.

“But once you go in there, there’s not really a facility if people are walking their dogs, which they’re entitled to do up the side or in the middle . . . [and] if they do pick up the mess is it possible to get a couple of dog waste bins put in the middle of the racecourse, so that people are encouraged to pick it up and put it somewhere.”

Mr McLeod continued: “And where the committee buildings are, there are a couple of blue barrels overflowing with water and
dog waste . . . and I think it maybe needs a tidy-up up.”

Councillor George Turnbull said he would pursue the matter.