Maths teachers figure highly in final of television show

Maths teachers Stuart Harkness (left) and Craig Kellagher
Maths teachers Stuart Harkness (left) and Craig Kellagher

AN appearance on television wasn’t exactly pointless for two high school maths teachers – but Stuart Harkness and Craig Kellagher missed out on the £6,500 jackpot.

The duo starred in the BBC One show Pointless last week and managed to get all the way to the final, before falling agonisingly at the last hurdle.

Hosted by comedian Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, the story of the show is to provide a pointless answer to a question asked to 100 people – the lower the score the better.

And after taking part in an audition in Nottingham, Stuart (who has previously appeared on Countdown) and Craig were selected.

With staff and pupils watching intently, they breezed through the first two rounds, answering questions on landlocked countries and novelty songs.

And they booked their place in the final with their answer to the category Scottish football managers since 1970 – their answer Andy Roxburgh being pointless!

However, in the final, they chose to answer about tennis and came so close with their responses about Australian Wimbledon champions since 1980.

Craig said: “The following morning I was stopped in the corridor by pupils I didn’t know to tell me they’d seen me on the television and that they were glad we had won but wished we just managed to get that Pointless answer.

“All the staff that have spoken to us have been lovely and again mentioned how unlucky we were but that we should be proud of what we have done.”