Marshall’s plea to help stem tide of flooding

Councillor Stuart Marshall.
Councillor Stuart Marshall.

Hawick Volunteer Flood Group chairman chairman Stuart Marshall is pleading with those at risk from flooding to join the various organisations which can help them protect their homes.

The call comes after it was revealed that only 140 of the 660 townsfolk affected by the floods are registered to receive assistance.

Help is available in three forms: SB Alert, the Scottish Borders Council scheme which gives updates on the weather and warnings on river levels and emergency situations; SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) offers a flood warning call/text service; and by registering with the local flood group which will provide flood protection advice, assistance in a flood situation and discounts on flood prevention equipment and home insurance.

And this week, Mr Marshall, who leads the local flood volunteers, is making the call for everyone to get the help available.

Mr Marshall said: “It’s worrying to hear that only 140 folk out of 660 who were directly affected two weeks ago are registered with our group.

“I’m convinced that many people who saw their homes wiped out in 2005 fared much better this time because they have taken advantage of what the flood group and other agencies have to offer.”

Mr Marshall added: “At the moment, Hawick Volunteer Flood Group has around 140 residents and businesses who are registered with us and the benefits of doing so are many.

“Once they fill the form in, we will then add their details to our database, which will entitle them to assistance from our group with their floodgates, sandbags and vent covers.

“It became quite clear from the many unfortunate townsfolk who suffered flooding that a large number were not registered with us and we’re now appealing to those who may be at risk in the future to get in touch with the group as soon as possible.

“We can then help them with the purchase of flood prevention products and because we will then have their details we can also be on hand to assist them should another flood happen.”

Anyone wishing to register should contact SEPA on 0845 9881788 or SBC’s emergency planning department on 0300 1001800. Further information on the flood group from Councillor Marshall on 07767 323189 or