Marshall’s anger at ‘disrespectful’ A7 operator Amey

Councillor Stuart Marshall.
Councillor Stuart Marshall.

Amey, the A7 road operator, has this week been accused of “severely shortchanging” townsfolk.

Councillor Stuart Marshall says the firm has failed to respond to several roads issues in and around Hawick, all of which were highlighted at a meeting with Amey officials three weeks ago.

These included the possibility of a reduction in the speed limit on the A7 from the Homebase roundabout into town, as well as concerns over the poor state of the road surface from Wilton Hill to the Dovemount roundabout and the manhole covers which have sunk along this route.

Amey was also made aware of intermittent problems with the button on the crossing in Commercial Road, and asked about refreshing the white lines near to the police station, and introducing white lines on the approach to the Dovemount roundabout.

Mr Marshall told us: “Apart from being downright disrespectful, I feel very strongly that our town is being severely shortchanged by this company who are tasked to look after the main A7 through Hawick.”

An Amey spokesperson said that a report was being finalised on speeding issues for both south and north approaches to Hawick, which would then be reviewed by Transport Scotland.

With regards to the road surface and sinking manhole covers from Wilton Hill to the Dovemount roundabout, as well as the white lines at this location and near the police station, the spokesperson said: “The manhole covers are the responsibility of Scottish Water, and we have contacted them for an update. We will inspect the area and, if required, raise a scheme to repair the road surface. This will need to be undertaken before any white lining can be refreshed.”

An initial investigation did not reveal a problem with the button on the Commercial Road crossing, but Amey said its engineers would look at it again.