Marshall raises Wilton Park Road safety fears

COUNCILLLOR Stuart Marshall has issued a plea for drivers to slow down in Wilton Park Road until proper safety measures are investigated.

The local member is concerned at the dangers facing motorists and pedestrians on the road up towards Wilton Dean and the Walled Garden, following a meeting on site which he described as “unbelievable”.

And after being asked to view the problems for himself by one of several concerned residents, Mr Marshall is now calling for action. He told the Hawick News: “This is a road which has very poor sight lines, and there is no warning alerting pedestrians and motorists to oncoming vehicles and poor visibility.

“It was unbelievable what we witnessed. One car drove on the wrong side of the road, some were breaking the speed limit, and kids were walking up the road. It was alarming to say the least.”

Park View resident Brian Telfer, who met Councillor Marshall, commented: “The traffic is getting worse and there’s going to be an accident.

“I’ve been forced off the road because people are driving too fast. And it’s murder when sports training is on.”

He added: “One neighbour counted 75 cars parked along by the Walled Garden one Saturday. We just don’t have the infrastructure to cope with the volume of traffic.”

Councillor Marshall, who is awaiting the results of a monitoring exercise by council officials, added: “Better signage and a reduction in the speed limit might be a way forward, but in the meantime I urge people to slow down and take extra care.”