Marshall in call for Burnfoot crash barriers

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Councillor Stuart Marshall is calling for crash barriers to be installed in a Burnfoot street after several near misses involving runaway cars.

Mr Marshall met with council roads officials earlier this week and he told the Hawick News that cars being parked in the vicinity of the Co-op at Kenilworth Avenue and drivers failing to put on handbrakes has resulted in vehicles rolling back, mounting the grass and, at times, hitting a tree.

One resident, Bruce Parr, who has lived in the area for 21 years, has had seven cars in his garden and he also says it’s a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

Speaking this week, Mr Marshall said: “This week I have had SBC roads safety officers on site to see how best to deal with this issue .

“It was quite alarming to say the least when I learned from Mr Parr and other nearby residents about the amount of motoring incidents that have occurred in the vicinity of Kenilworth Avenue and it certainly reiterates the call to have this whole area reviewed.”

And the Burnfoot councillor is also concerned that kids on their way to school could be put at risk.

He added: “I strongly believe that the junction to the shops and indeed the junction at the foot of Fraser Avenue are hot spots in terms of potential safety issues , and with a school in such close proximity I have this week asked SBC to review both of these junctions and report back to either myself or Burnfoot Community Council which has, for some time, expressed its concerns on this matter, too .

“Whilst I fully support Mr Parr and other nearby residents in their plea for crash barriers to be erected outside their properties, I think we should also be looking much deeper into the whole safety aspect of both of these junctions and
how congested they can become .”

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said improvements may be in the pipeline: “Councillors and council officers are to arrange a further site visit to give consideration to any features which will improve conditions for vehicles and pedestrians in the area.”