Man made a ‘poor choice’ in ecstasy buy

A man found with ecstasy tablets, told police he bought them in a nightclub for £30.

Craig Dickson, 28, of Queens Drive, admitted possession of the class A drug in Laidlaw Terrace on December 2.

Depute fiscal Keith O’Mahony said police on mobile patrol noted the accused in “an excited state” and searched him.

They found three pink ecstasy tablets in his trouser pocket, which he said he had bought in a nightclub.

Defence solicitor Iain Burke told Jedburgh Sheriff Court his client had purchased the illegal drug in a Glasgow nightclub the previous week.

“These are drugs commonly associated with nightclub and rave situations,” he explained.

“He made a poor choice and deeply regrets buying them,” added Mr Burke.

Sheriff Donald Corke fined Dickson £120, warning him: “Drugs are banned for a reason and ecstasy can have unpredictable effects.”