Man jailed for threat to smash glass in face of glazing boss

A man who threatened to smash a glass into the face of a local businessman in a row over windows has been jailed for five months.

Neil Davidson, 26, walked into Stampers Bar in North Bridge Street, on June 26 and asked Steven Porter, who was drinking with a friend, what he was looking at.

He shook his head and put his hands up to gesture that he did not want any trouble.

But Davidson, of Laidlaw Terrace, then asked the victim, who runs a glazier's business, if he was going to do some windows for him to which the businessman declined saying he did not like him.

Davidson then made a threat to slash the man in the face and went to the bar to purchase a vodka and coke. He asked for a second glass for his "friend to get a drink" and the barman unwittingly gave him one.

At Jedburgh last Thursday, the court heard that Davidson then slammed the glass down on the table beside Mr Porter and shouted at him "If you are going to have a go, have a go. That's your first warning."

The barman then told him to leave the bar.

Davidson was taken into custody and was found to have 14 fresh lacerations on his body as evidence of self-harm.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of repeatedly intimidating his victim, threatening to smash a glass in his face and breach of the peace.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond said he would be failing in his public duty if he did not impose a custodial sentence. The five-month jail term was backdated to June 27.