Man jailed after knife attack on best friend

A MAN who launched a horror knife attack on his best friend because he made sexual jokes about his mother has been jailed for four and a half years.

Terry Bradshaw attacked Michael Maxwell as he stood in the bathroom of his home in Hawick on January 2 this year.

Mr Maxwell was forced to jump from a first floor window at his flat in Mayfield Drive in a bid to escape from Bradshaw.

Bradshaw repeatedly stabbed Mr Maxwell on the head and body after Bradshaw went to his friend’s house to play computer games, drink and take drugs.

The High Court in Dundee heard how Mr Maxwell had been making comments and remarks of a sexual nature about Bradshaw’s mother.

While he was in the bathroom Bradshaw attacked – repeatedly punching him on the head and knocking him to the ground.

He then started striking Mr Maxwell over and over with a knife.

The court was told that Mr Maxwell could “feel the heat of his blood trickling down the back of his neck”.

He ran to the front door in a bid to escape – but found it locked.

He then managed to squeeze out of a window as he saw Bradshaw coming at him with the knife in his hand.

The court heard that Bradshaw has previous convictions for actual bodily harm and robbery while he lived in England.

Bradshaw, 33, of Adamson Street, Burnley, Lancashire, was originally charged with attempted murder.

He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Allegations that he attempted to strangle him with a dog lead and a dressing gown cord were removed from the charge.

Not guilty pleas were accepted on charges of drug possession and supply, as well as of attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

Defence advocate Neil Taylor said: “He was best friends with Mr Maxwell for a period of six to seven months before this.

“During the morning Mr Maxwell became abusive about Mr Bradshaw’s mother and was calling her names.

“He continually made inappropriate remarks and suggestions about his mother of a sexual nature.

“Mr Bradshaw indicates his mother is the one person that he holds dear to him.”

Judge Lord Pentland jailed Bradshaw for four years and six months, and ordered he be subject to an extended sentence of three years once released from jail.

He said: “This was a violent offence involving the use of a knife that resulted in your victim being severely injured and permanently disfigured.”