Man assaulted his mother after loan request refused

A man who assaulted his mother because she would not loan him £8 to pay his electricity bill has been fined £65.

At Jedburgh Sheriff Court, Greg Bain pleaded guilty to slapping Anne Bain on the head and punching her on the body during the family squabble in her home on December 9.

Tessa Bradley, prosecting, explained how the 28-year-old, of Minto Place, became upset and angry when she refused his request for money as he visited her for his dinner. Bain later told police officers his mother had began shouting at him saying he had not paid her back before.

When he was asked why he assaulted her he told an officer: “Because she would not shut up.”

Defence lawyer Iain Burke described it as a “distasteful” incident.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond said it was “completely unnecessary”, before imposing the fine.